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IMGENEX India Pvt. Ltd., a Biotech Company in Orissa
Dr. Sujay Singh

IMGENEX India was founded by Dr. Sujay Singh in the year 2001 in Bhubaneswar, Orissa. IMGENEX India develops and commercializes novel reagents for the scientific study of human biology and disease and for the production of new diagnostic assays and potential therapies of such diseases. These novel reagents include antibodies, gene and protein expression systems, and arrays of various cells and tissues for use in studies of functional genomics. Areas of biological interest at IMGENEX include cancer, apoptosis (programmed cell death), molecular signaling pathways, cellular aging, neurodegenerative, and metabolic and infectious diseases.

Recently, we have built a State-of-the-Art facility for biotechnology Research & Development at the Infocity complex (an IDCO property). This has modern molecular biology, protein production, cell culture and antibody development laboratories. IMGENEX India will also have laboratories for developing high throughput assay systems and stem cell research.


  1. To develop a R&D facility to provide research tools as a reasonable cost : India’s share in global biotech research is less than two percent. This may be attributed to lack of awareness of modern developments and unavailability of research reagents at an affordable price in India. Researchers in the university laboratories and other research institutions normally obtain antibodies and other kits that are used in the biological research from the foreign manufacturers. These reagents are expensive and often a scientist in India has to wait for a month or more to get those reagents in his/her laboratory. To alleviate these problems, we founded IMGENEX India, a R&D and manufacturing facility in Bhubaneswar. The goal is to utilize local talents to promote biotechnology in Orissa and India. Now the scientists in India do not have to wait for weeks and months to get a reagent from the USA or other countries. If the product is available with IMGENEX India, they can get the product within 3-4 days and paying in Indian Rupees

    Present products are monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, RNA interference systems and other reagents used in biomedical research. These are developed and manufactured at our Bhubaneswar facility and sold world-wide through IMGENEX Corporation, San Diego, California.
  2. To promote Academic and Industry collaborations : In the USA most of the biotech companies were started by faculty members in the universities. Strong collaborations between academia and industry have led to explosion of biotech industry in the USA. Our goal is to develop similar collaborations between the research institutions, such as, Utkal University, Regional Medical Research Center, Institute of Life Sciences, etc. We have already established research relationship with Dept. of Biotechnology at the Utkal University and RMRC. This is done by conducting seminars at IMGENEX India or at the academic institutions and providing internships.

Future Objectives:

  • Diagnostic kits : We have developed a diagnostic kit for Malaria in collaboration with a USA based company. This kit is being validated at SRL Ranbaxy, Ltd, Mumbai. Further diagnostic kits will be developed using the antibodies produced in our laboratory. These include but not limited to kits to detect Filaria, SARS, etc. We are also in discussion with SRL Ranbaxy to develop some antibodies that can be used in Tuberculosis detection.
  • Therapeutic Antibodies : World market for therapeutic monoclonal antibodies is approximately 3 billion US dollars annually. We are targeting to develop monoclonal antibodies that can be used in the treatment of arthritis and osteoporosis. However, this is a long-term goal.
  • Stem Cell Research : IMGENEX India’s goal is to be at the forefront of scientific development. We are always looking for new technologies and discoveries. IMGENEX India is developing many antibodies that will facilitate Stem cell research, a promising field of research and clinical applications. To show our commitment to this goal, we are conducting an International Symposium on Stem cells. This will be attended by scientists from India and abroad. This symposium will also educate local students, research fellows and scientists about such a promising field as Stem Cell Research.

    IMGENEX India scientists routinely present their scientific findings in meetings in India or abroad, such as, annual meetings of Indian Association of Cancer Research and Experimental Biology, USA. Our long-term goal is to make IMGENEX-India a leader in the biotech industry in India and put Orissa in the World Biotech map.
Contact Information :

Sujay Singh, Ph.D.
IMGENEX Corporation
11175 Flintkote Avenue
San Diego, CA- 92121
Tel: (858) 642-0978
Fax: (858) 642-0937
Brig. B.K. Singh (Retd.)
IMGENEX India Pvt. Ltd.
E-5, Infocity, KITT Post Office
Bhubaneswar, 751024, Orissa
Tel: (0674) 2743265
Fax: (0674) 2744112
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