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OSA Convention '06

37th Annual OSA Convention June 30- July2 2006 was held in the city of Columbia, Maryland, USA, at two venues, Sheraton Hotel and Wilde Lake High School.
After usual registration of delegates the night of June 30 reverberated with Children’s mehfil, item of Indian songs and dances which filled every night from 10 to 12 midnight.
Convention was inaugurated at 1.30 P.M. on July 1 with Minister Finance Shri Prafulla Chandra Gadhei and Minister Energy & IT Shri Suryanarayan Patra, MP & Chairman IndoUS Parliamentary Forum Shri Baijayanta Panda, along with MLA Shri Kalpataru Das and President NonResident Oriyas Facilitation Center & Ex-Chief Secretary Shri Sahadeva Sahoo as Guests.
There were group discussions and seminars on various aspects of Orissa’s Development like Higher and Primary Education, Quality of Teaching in Technical Colleges, Mathematics and IT, Establishment of Institutes of Higher Learning and Centres of Excellence, Research and Development Facilities in Pharmaceuticals and Fine Chemicals, Bridging the Digital Divide, Microfinance, Basic Needs and Women’s Empowerment. The Chairman, Knowledge Commission of India, Shri Sam Pitroda’s address to the OSA convention on Orissa’s development was digitally shown to the audience.
The Ministers, the FD Minister in particular in their address to the convention acknowledged the extraordinary interests the NROs are showing in Orissa’s culture and economic development and assured to help the NROs set up the exemplary institutions and institutions of excellence as they have planned and are planning in future. They emphasized that the present State Government has the political will to execute long term development programmes for Orissa. The County Executive and the local people’s representative of Columbia city addressed the gathering. Shri Sahadeva Sahoo, President, NROFC, invited every body to attend the Pravasi Oriya Diwas on December 24, 2006 at Bhubaneswar. The two day convention was a show case of Orissa’s culture, performing arts and songs by the NROs and also by Orissa’s troupes and singers who had attended it.
The events were ably executed by the president, OSA, Shri N Tripathy and Vice President Shri Dhirendra Kar, in cooperation with Shri N Das and Mrs Bigyani Das.

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