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First Prabasi Utkal Divas and Annual OSA Symposium on Orissa Development

All Non-Resident Oriyas

Re: First Prabasi Utkal Divas and Annual OSA Symposium on Orissa Development

On behalf of the NRO Cell of the Government of Orissa and the proposed Non-Resident Oriya Facilitation Center, a society to be registered in the private-public partnership model, we would like to invite you to participate in the First Prabasi Utkal Divas and the Annual OSA Symposium on Orissa Development. The Symposium will start at nine o’clock in the morning on December 18th, 2004 at Hotel New Marrion, Bhubaneswar.

Over the years, members of the Non-Resident Oriya Community have contributed to various development projects in Orissa. The purpose of this event and the symposium is to highlight the present contributions by NRO community, to involve local organizations in their efforts, to seek Orissa Government participation in these projects, and to develop plans for future projects in Orissa through Government collaborations facilitated by the NRO cell and the NROFC. We would like to invite you to visit our website at to learn more about the proposed society and the event.

Your personal presence at the event will encourage the endeavor of the NRO Cell and the NROFC to carry out further development work in Orissa, and will ensure successful collaborations with the Government in future. By your participation in the discussions and deliberations, we hope that new ideas for future development of the state in collaboration with the NRO communities can be formulated. In closing, we once again request you to accept our invitation to participate in the symposium. We are attaching a copy of the draft program for the day for your information. We also seek your contribution related to Orissa's Development for a proceeding to be printed on the occasion. The same may be presented in the appropriate session of the Orissa Development Symposium.

We look forward to hearing from you soon. With our best regards,

Tuhin Kanta Pandey,
Spl. Secretary, GA Department,
Govt. of Orissa,
Officer-in-charge - NRO Cell

Sahadeva Sahoo,
Local Coordinator, NROFC

Dhanada Mishra,
Local Organising Chair


The New Marrion,
6, Janpath,
Infront of Ram Mandir,




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